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Frozen II

Playing with Fire

Playmobil: The Movie

The Addams Family

The Good Liar

Knives Out

Ford v Ferrari

Fisherman's Friends
Wednesday December 18

Charlie's Angels
Wednesday December 18

This Week's Showtimes

Thursday December 12th to Wednesday December 18th 2019
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Playing with Fire (PG) [96 min]
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Thu 12th - 2.30pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Fri 13th -10.30am 2.30pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Sat 14th - 10.30am 12.20pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Sun 15th - 10.30am 12.20pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Mon 16th - 10.30am 2.30pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Tue 17th - 10.30am 2.30pm 4.50pm 6.50pm
Wed 18th - 10.30am 2.30pm 4.50pm 6.50pm

Playmobil: The Movie (G) [99 min]
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Thu 12th - 12.30pm 4.30pm
Fri 13th - 12.30pm 4.30pm
Sat 14th - 12.30pm 4.30pm
Sun 15th - 12.30pm 4.30pm
Mon 16th - 12.30pm 4.30pm
Tue 17th - 12.30pm 4.30pm
Wed 18th - 12.30pm 4.30pm

Frozen II (PG) NFT [103 min]
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Thu 12th - 10.15am 12.20pm 4.30pm 6.40pm
Fri 13th - 10.15am 12.20pm 4.30pm 6.40pm
Sat 14th - 10.15am 2.20pm 4.30pm 6.40pm
Sun 15th - 10.15am 2.20pm 4.30pm 6.40pm
Mon 16th - 10.15am 12.20pm 4.30pm 6.40pm
Tue 17th - 10.15am 12.20pm 4.30pm 6.40pm
Wed 18th - 10.15am 12.20pm 4.30pm 6.40pm

The Addams Family (PG) [87 min]
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Thu 12th - 12.15pm 6.40pm
Fri 13th - 10.15am 12.15pm 6.40pm
Sat 14th - 10.15am 12.15pm 6.40pm
Sun 15th - 10.15am 12.15pm 6.40pm
Mon 16th - 10.15am 12.15pm 6.40pm
Tue 17th - 10.15am 12.15pm 6.40pm
Wed 18th - 10.15am 12.15pm 6.40pm

The Good Liar (MA15+) [109 min] ID Required
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Thu 12th - 10.30am 3.40pm 8.50pm
Fri 13th - 10.30am 3.40pm 8.50pm
Sat 14th - 10.30am 3.40pm 8.50pm
Sun 15th - 10.30am 3.40pm 8.50pm
Mon 16th - 10.30am 3.40pm 8.50pm
Tue 17th - 10.30am 3.40pm 8.50pm
Wed 18th - 10.30am 3.40pm 8.50pm

Knives Out (M) [130 min]
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Thu 12th - 12.50pm 8.45pm
Fri 13th - 12.50pm 8.45pm
Sat 14th - 12.50pm 8.45pm
Sun 15th - 12.50pm 8.45pm
Mon 16th - 12.50pm 8.45pm
Tue 17th - 12.50pm 8.45pm
Wed 18th - 12.50pm 8.45pm

Fisherman's Friends (M) [111 min]
FINAL DAYS - Ends Wednesday December 18
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Thu 12th - 2.15pm 6.30pm
Fri 13th - 2.15pm 6.30pm
Sat 14th - 2.15pm 6.30pm
Sun 15th - 2.15pm 6.30pm
Mon 16th - 2.15pm 6.30pm
Tue 17th - 2.15pm 6.30pm
Wed 18th - 2.15pm 6.30pm

Charlie's Angels (M) [118 min]
FINAL DAYS - Ends Wednesday December 18
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Thu 12th - 2.30pm 9.00pm
Fri 13th - 2.30pm 9.00pm
Sat 14th - 2.30pm 9.00pm
Sun 15th - 2.30pm 9.00pm
Mon 16th - 2.30pm 9.00pm
Tue 17th - 2.30pm 9.00pm
Wed 18th - 2.30pm 9.00pm

Ford v Ferrari (M) [152 min]
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Thu 12th - 8.40pm
Fri 13th - 8.40pm
Sat 14th - 8.40pm
Sun 15th - 8.40pm
Mon 16th - 8.40pm
Tue 17th - 8.40pm
Wed 18th - 8.40pm

PLEASE NOTE: All films start at the advertised times,
please allow at least 20 mins for queue times.


Star Wars: The Rise
of Skywalker
December 19
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Jumanji: The Next Level

(PG) December 26

Spies in Disguise

(PG) January 1

Little Women

(G) January 1

The Gentlemen

(MA15+) January 1

My Spy

(PG) January 9


(CTC) January 16

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